About the Brand

Humans use paper every day, but we rarely think about it. It’s cheap, fragile, easy to get and easy to get rid of.

But paper can also be sustainable, versatile, gorgeous, and long-lasting. Let me show you what’s possible.

At Hummingbird Disco, I create bespoke paper florals that make you look—and think— twice.

Whether it’s a wedding bouquet recreation for your paper anniversary or a single bloom made from the up-cycled pages of your favorite book, my creations are designed to surprise and delight you and the treasured people in your life.

About Me

My name is Emily, and I’m the designer and maker behind Hummingbird Disco.

As you can probably guess, I love bright flowers and fine papercraft. Hummingbird Disco is how I share the joy of paper flowers with a wider community.

I grew up in Maine but now live in Colorado with my spouse and kids. I draw much of my inspiration from the wild and cultivated flowers that grow in our area, thriving even in the high-alpine and high-desert climate.


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